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Written: March 3, 2017

It’s now official that Mobile shopping sales ave overtaken desktop and laptop sales. From November 2016, more consumers shop on their phones, tablets and I pads as they do on their computers. With this in mind, optimising a site for mobile is an essential requirement in 2017 and Forms Plus have facilitated this as much as possible so that the shopping experience is hassle free.


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The mobile optimisation commerce process 

As Forms Plus saw a surge in online sales a few years ago, optimising for mobile was a no-brainer. We also constantly encourage customer feedback where purchasing is concerned, so we took all of the feedback (good and bad) and put it to great use!


We used a customer-centre approach to execute enhanced user navigation and experience as well as an organised and uncluttered design. Flat design was used so that the client’s requirements could be met and the site navigation was restructured.


Once a design layout and sitemap structure had been agreed upon, we integrated a bespoke eCommerce solution, accommodating dynamic pricing, worldwide shipping locations, customer promotions and the functionality to request samples and ability to compare and sort with ease.


These enhancements have rendered our site more informative,, faster and more informative to clients, simultaneously implementing eCommerce capabilities that give customers a full choice of products.



The growth of mobile and tablet searching saw a dramatic increase in 2016 as shown by the Telegraph’s graph.

Sales carried out on a mobile so far in 2017 – smartphones account for 18% and sales carried out on tablets – 82%. This is perhaps a reflection that large screens are favoured for this type of commerce, which means it it likely that mobile phones will continue to grow in size to accommodate for this.


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