Duo Therm

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Increase efficiency and accuracy whilst reducing the environmental impact of your pick and pack operation. Duo Therm Labels (incorporating 2ST two sided thermal printing technology) allows you to print simultaneously on the front and reverse of your labels. This powerful new technology improves operational efficiency by reducing the need to print documents, in addition to your labels. It also allows you to print at high speed, customised, on-demand information on the release liner of the labels which is an area of your label that was previously wasted.
The Duo Therm Label makes printing labels & picking notes/invoices much more efficient. You can now print a detailed thermal despatch label on the face with all the order details printed on the reverse in one pass using one machine. As the label is printed using thermal heads, there is no need to buy expensive toners. The thermal heads will need replacing but they will last for almost 400,000 6″ labels making their replacement cost tiny in comparison to toner costs.
This label can help do away with your toner requirement (and the mess of waste toner) and when you add this to the fact you can print on what was once waste material, your environmental impact can be substantially reduced. Contact us today for a free demonstration.
  • Next Generation thermal printing technology
  • Two print heads for simultaneous two sided printing
  • Enhanced printer functionality
  • Cross industry applications; shipping and logistics, warehouse management, product and item marking
  • Small footprint, can sit on packing bench easily
  • No consumables – less down time



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