Single integrated label
Form-FPS20P new

FPS-20P is a single integrated A4 sheet which has one sticky label for your customer’s shipping address. The perforation allows you to tear off this part of the form once the label has been used, to keep your invoice looking smart.

The sticky label measures 160mm x 105mm and is easy to peel to add to the outside of your packaging. The integrated form can be printed with the sticky label at the bottom or flipped so that the label is situated at the top.

FPS-20P integrated label form can help streamline your despatch process, saving you both time and money, as it allows you to print your picking note/customer invoice and address label on one convenient smart form. It reduces the risk of mislabelling parcels.

This form is also known as the ‘Single Style Up’ and can be used with Click and Drop and Royal Mail Services.

All prices shown are based on per box of 1000 forms and exclude VAT and Delivery in £s.

Quantity discounts
1 £24.10
2-4 £22.35
5-9 £20.35
10-19 £18.90
20-39 £17.50
40-74 £16.95
75-99 £16.70
100+ £16.20

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